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    LED Light Mounting Hardwares

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    2" Clamp

    This clamp opens up to 2.5"

    1.5" Clamp

    This 1.5" Lighting Clamp is an essential part of your lighting rig. Opens to 1.5" and available in Black finish.

    7" Clamp

    Opens up to 7" with cut out for pipe mounting.

    Pop-Up Adapter Clip

    The Pop-Up Adapter Clip is compatible to mount our LED Arm Lights with most Pop-Up exhibit or trade show mounting systems.

    Elumalight Universal Clip

    The Elumalight Universal Clip is compatible to mount our LED Arm Lights with most Agam, Aluvision, or BeMatrix mounting systems.

    Flat Bar Clip

    Screw-down clip

    Angle Clip

    Clip allows fixture to run parallel to floor

    Agam Clamp

    Fits into AGAM or similar display extrusion

    Octanorm Clip

    Fits into slot of Octanorm extrusion.

    Skyline Clip

    Skyline Mounting Clip for LED Arm Lights.

    Pop Up X Clip

    Pop-up scissor clip, for square 8mm tubing. Available in white, black and silver.

    H.O. Titan Magnetic Mounting Clips

    These magnetic clips allow the user to easily mount our LED High Output Titan Bars to any metal surface without the use of tools and screws! Sold in pairs of 2.

    H.O. Titan Mounting Clip

    Clips for the High Output LED Titan bar allowing the user to adjust illumination towards the desired area

    T4 Fluorescent Verticle Mounting Clips

    Set of verticle mounting clips for use with Micro T-4 Fluorescent fixtures

    T4 Fluorescent Mounting Clips

    Set of mounting clips for use with Micro T4 Fluorescent fixtures

    LED Light Mounting Hardwares

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