LED Low Bay Lights

    Earlier generations of LED Lights were not able to illuminate a comparable amount of light to traditional lighting fixtures. Typically, LED Low Bay Light fixtures are used with ceiling heights of 15 to 25 feet. The LED low bays are instant-on without any light flickering or warm-up period making them ideal for use in industrial warehouses where work safety requires adequate lighting source. Low Bay Lighting fixtures may also be used for LED Office Lighting Applications. Some of our low bays are even UL listed and rated for damp locations. Upgrade now to LED low bays to save on energy and maintance cost. According to US Department of Energy, your business can save up to 60% in energy cost overnight by switching to LED Low Bay Fixtures. It also saves energy cost in the following ways.

    • Reduced Cooling and AC Cost - LEDs disspate considerbly less heat in comparison to other light sources. 
    • Reduced Cost of Maintenance - LED Low Bay Lights Lifespan is up to 100,000 hours.
    • Compatible with Motion Detection Sensors - The LED Low Bay Lights Lifespan is much less affected by motion sensors.
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    LED Round Low Bay Light 60W

    The 60 Watt LED Round Low Bay Light is designed with a light and fitted exterior with use in manufacturing areas, storage facilities, and lower ceiling heights in warehouses. Its low-profile creates a more pleasing and natural light in comparison to conventional HID’s and fluorescent lamps, in addition to brilliant distribution for larger spaces. Contact Step 1 Dezigns for additional options.

    • • Energy Efficient LED
    • • Available Dual Function Sensors: Motion & Photocell
    • • Dusk-To-Dawn Occupancy Control Compatible
    • • 1-10V Dimming Title 24 Compliant
    • • DLC Product Code: PAYEA9M7M&PW7CSDY7F

    LED Low Bay Lights