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    LED On/Off Switches

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    LED Rotary Knob Dimmer Switch 12-24V

    The LED Rotary Knob Dimmer Switch 12-24V features high quality and 100% brightness adjustable dimming. It is easy to install and simply adjust the lighting softly and stable without any flickering.

    LED 12V/24V 6A Touch Dimmer Switch

    This 6A LED Light dimmer uses PWM dimming and touch-sensitive technology to dim single color 12/24V DC LED Lights. It has a smooth 5-100% dimming range and can be used in a variety of applications such as cabinet lighting, craft projects, lightboxes, retail display, and exhibit lighting control. Simply connect the 5.5 x 2.1 mm male and female barrel connectors to the power input and LED output.

    In-Line Knob Dimmer Switch

    The In-Line Knob Dimmer Switch has 2.1mm male and female barrel plugs on each end.

    LED Infrared Touchless On/Off Sensor Switch

    This low profile and sleek 12V-24V infrared sensor switch is made for closets, cabinets, and drawers. It's simple in-line connectors make installation a snap and the low cost means you can install several without breaking the bank!

    LED Infrared On/Off Sensor Switch is perfect for drawers, kitchen cabinets, and doors. It provides automatic on/off light switch control that is activated by movement within 5 inches range. Perfect for cabinets, closets, and drawers, the ultra sleek and low profile design 12V-24V DC LED switch is equipped with a sensitive light sensor that detects when the door or is opened, then activates the light, and turns off when the cabinet door or drawer in closed.

    Whether it's connected to LED Puck lights, LED Tape Light, or Under Cabinet lights, this low profile & sturdy aluminum On/Off switch is a convenient for all. It connects directly to products with DC plug connections. Easily plug this into an Inline LED switch between your 12V or 24V power supply and LED light fixture.

    LED Mini Motion Sensor Switch

    The LED Mini Motion Sensor Switch can detect human movement by detecting Infrared ray emitted by human body. Operating voltage is 5-25v DC, and output voltage is equal to input voltage. High sensitivity, easy for installing. Widely used on the Motion-activated lighting, LED Ribbon Tape Light, LED Ladder Lights, and automatic sensory device and more.

    H.O. Titan In-Line Switch

    Easily power on/off the High Output LED Titan bar with this inline power switch. This switch is only compatible with our LED High Output LED Titan Bars.

    LED In-Line On of Off Power Switch

    Easily power on or off the 12V or 24V LED lights such as our LED strips with this inline power switch.

    Outdoor Wireless Remote Receiver FOB Kit

    Say goodbye to going outside in the rain to turn off your porch and patio lights. Or stubbing your toe in the dark trying to find the outdoor light switch. Instead, enjoy watching your frozen outdoor holiday decorations light up from the comfort of your cozy home. Or enjoy seeing your outdoor string lights and landscaping lights illuminate your backyard with just a push of a button. With the Remote Control Receiver, all of this is possible. Step 1 Dezigns Remote kit puts you in control and helps you to operate both indoor and outdoor lights and electrical appliances without wires and at a distance, especially where the switches are hard to reach. This makes the kit ideal for the elderly and those who find it hard to reach or bend over. There are so many practical uses in and around your own home and backyard, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Why not try it out to help you operate your hard-to-reach ceiling fan, heater, fountain, floodlight, tree lights, water features, sprinkler and pool pump – all without having to leave your house, maybe even without getting up from your chair.

    LED On/Off Switches