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    Magnitude LED drivers can be found in hundreds of thousands of installations, driving millions of LED’s throughout the world. We believe confidently in the future of LED lighting and have focused our entire company on technologies that will exceed your expectations in terms of reliability, functionality and innovation.

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    LED Dimmable Constant Current Driver 21W 350mA

    The STDC/21DIM Class 2 LED Dimmable HD Constant Current Driver's low profile aluminum case allows designers to easily incorporate it into OEM products. Our driver can work in extreme temperature and environmental conditions, including near coastlines. The electrical design includes a breaker on the load and input side which will protect your fixture from harm associated with incorrect wiring or power surges.

    • • Hot wire connect – LED Protection
    • • Super compact ALUMINUM CASE
    • • Auto-Reset Protection for short circuits, over-voltage and over-temperature
    • • Withstands wet and salty conditions

    LED Converter 350mA to 12V DC - 4.9W

    Our LED Converter have an input voltage range of 9V – 15V and is available in versions of 350mA, or 700mA. In addition, we offer custom calibrations to meet your needs.

    These drivers are dimmable with any standard TRIAC in-line dimmer. Their fully encapsulated form-factors are small enough for any size OEM fixture. They are ideal for Marine Boat Lighting, Cruise Liner, and Landscape 12V Lighting applications. Packaged in an anodized aluminum case, they are designed for outdoor and wet environments. Convert up to 4.9 Watts of LED at 350mA. to accept 9.5-15 Volt Input .

    The LED Converter is compatible to run 1 pc of our STDC141/3, STDC133, or STDC134. It is also compatible to run 2-3pcs of our STDC140/1, STDC140/1A, or STDC131 light fixtures. See related products.

    • • Dimmable with any standard MLV TRIAC Dimmer
    • • AC or DC 12V Input, 6-12V Output
    • • Super compact Aluminum case
    • • Withstands dry and damp conditions

    LED Dimmable Class 2 Driver 96W 24VDC

    Step 1 Dezigns LED Dimmable Class 2 Driver is designed to operate with any standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC (Leading edge) dimmer switch. Encased in a low profile aluminum enclosure that includes 2 knock-outs to enable easy installation makes it the perfect choice for under cabinet lights, tape lights and various LED fixtures installations.
    Our electrical specification includes Auto Reset, over current and short circuit protection. Efficiency of 90% and higher allows the driver to operate at low temperatures.

    • • Dimmable with any standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC (Leading edge) dimmer switch
    • • Super durable and compact ALUMINUM case
    • • UL 8750
    • • Nema 3R - Outdoor use
    • • Auto-Reset Protection for short circuits & over-voltage
    • • FCC 15 part 2
    • • 24V DC True RMS