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Need help with your lighting projects? Give us a call at 949-270-0250 or email We're here to help!
Need help with your lighting projects? Give us a call at 949-270-0250 or email We're here to help!


LED Aluminum Channel, also known as the LED profile or LED housings, are guides or extrusions designed to provide a modern, clean, and finished look for LED strip lighting installation. Creating customized fixtures with your choice of LED Channel style and LED Strip Light is easy. We offer a variety of innovative and high quality LED Aluminum Channels for LED strip lights.

Our selection is available in various shapes and styles that may be cuttable to any length. From ultra-wide to ultra-thin, as well as specialty extrusions for corners and curved surfaces, you are sure to discover the perfect LED Aluminum Channels for your project. Complete the channels with end caps, lenses, and mounting clips. Suitable for many applications such as cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, display shelf lighting, cupboard lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, and more.

LED Aluminium Mounting Channels are great for heat dissipation, a problem common when LED strip lights remain lit. It also provides a perfectly flat surface to mount LED Strips in a perfect straight groove.

We even create custom cut channel options based on our customers' application requirements. Step 1 Dezigns is well known for its cost-effective LED extrusions and continues to develop new lighting solutions to go beyond our customers' expectations.

Our team works tirelessly to make sure our customers are satisfied with our high quality and reliable lighting systems. If you have any questions about your project, give one of our customer representatives a call at 949-270-0250 or email us at to get detailed product information from highly experienced lighting experts. 

LED Mud-In Aluminum Channel

Original price $31.26 - Original price $31.26
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$31.26 - $31.26
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LED Mud-In Recessed Aluminum Channel is designed to be completely trimless once installed into plaster ceilings or walls, with no aluminum frames s...

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