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Motion-activated LED Security & Flood Lights are a great way to keep your home or business safe at night. Motion-activated light fixtures come on when an object, person, car, or large animal comes into the motion sensor range.

Since LEDs can come in various color temperatures, they can be found in 3000-5000 Kelvin which has been shown to increase visibility at night time. Most of our LED security & floodlights feature integrated LEDs to help prevent vandalism.


The majority of our LED lights are UL or ETL Listed so you can get the approvals for your project.

Our team works tirelessly to make sure our customers are satisfied with our high quality and reliable lighting systems. If you have any questions about your project, give one of our customer representatives a call at 949-270-0250 or email us at to get detailed product information from highly experienced lighting experts.

  • LED Mini Spot Lights

    Original price $36.40 - Original price $36.40
    Original price
    $36.40 - $36.40
    Current price $36.40

    The Directional LED Mini spot-up light with a hood to uplight your exhibit or display. Easily mount this fixture using the included U bracket. Cont...

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  • Dabmar Directional Spot Light with Hood

    Original price $45.50 - Original price $45.50
    Original price
    $45.50 - $45.50
    Current price $45.50

    The Dabmar landscape light fixture is constructed of Brass and has a Clear, Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Lens. It is installed In-Ground, has a 50...

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