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Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call today at 949-270-0250 or email

12V 12 Ah SLA Trade Show Battery Kit

Original price $114.49 - Original price $125.04
Original price
$114.49 - $125.04
Current price $123.59

Our 12V 12 Ah SLA Trade Show Battery powers selection of LED Trade Show Exhibit Lights up to 15 hours on a full charge. Once depleted, this versatile device fully recharges in up to 6 hours with our 5A EL-BATCHRG-12-5A Charger.

Our Trade Show Battery is much more than just a simple battery pack capable of powering our LED exhibit and display lights. So go off the grid and stop paying those outrageous electric fees at the trade show venues. The 12V 12 Ah SLA Trade Show Battery Kit pays for itself after only one event.

Need help with your LED lighting applications? Our lighting experts are here to help! Contact us today for assistance with lighting plan or installation instructions.

 * Note: All sales of High Output Trade Show Batteries are final, no returns will be accepted.

Key Features

  • Mobile and Versatile design to fit in island display
  • Completely eliminate or lower your electric rental costs.
  • No more waiting for electrical power installation
  • Power 2 LED 5w Telescoping Display Arm lights for up to 15 hours on a full charge.
  • Easy to setup, No need for under-carpet outlets.
  • Full charge in just over 4-6 hours
  • Easy to use with our LED arm lights, LED Puck lights, LED Ribbon Tape Lights, etc.
  • In-house technical expertise can adapt our Trade show Battery Kit to almost any LED Lighting.


  • Power Bank for Tradeshows, Exhibition, Retail Display Arm Lights
  • Custom DIY projects


 View Spec Sheet
  • Battery Type: Polymer Lithium-ion
  • Input: 12V (12 Ah)
  • Output: 12V (12 Ah)
  • Charging Time: Up to 6 Hours
  • Battery Life Cycles: Up to 500 times
  • Dimensions: 5.94 in. L x 3.9 in. W x 3.74 in. H
  • Dimensions (metric): 150 mm L x 100 mm W x 95 mm H
  • Power Method: Plug N Play or Hardwire
  • Environment: Dry Location
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Manufacturer: Elumalight
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Battery Run-Time Calculation

  1. First, Calculate Total Power Consumption Wattage of the 12V DC LED Fixture:
    • Total Power Consumption (watts) = Power Consumption (watts/ft) x Length (ft)
    • For example, if the LED 12V DC Tape light runs 3 watts per ft and the project requires 16 ft of LED Tape Light, then the total power consumption is 3 watts x 16 ft = 48w
  2. Secondly, Calculate the Amp Power: 
    • Amp Power = Total Power Consumption (watts, calculated in step 1) / 12V DC
    • For example, the amp power of the 3 watts per ft 12V DC LED Tape Light is 48 watts ÷ 12V DC = 4 Amps
  3. Finally, Calculate the Runtime:
    • Total Runtime = Amp Hour (Ah) of the Battery ÷ Amps (calculated in step 2)
    • The total runtime of STDC12-12 battery with 3 watts per ft 12V DC LED Tape Light is 12 Amp Hour ÷ 4 Amps = 3 Hours