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Plug-In Timer for Landscape Transformers

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Turn landscape lighting on and off with time intervals throughout the day. Various on/off times are supported. 

Using the timer is very easy. Move the tiny blue tabs on the dial outward to turn ON, and inward to turn OFF. Each segment represents 15 minutes, and there are a total of 96 tabs- representing 24 hours a day. Before using the timer, it is best to push in all tabs around the timer dial. You may then pull each 15-minute segment toward the outside of the dial for the times that you want the timer to switch ON.

SETTING THE CURRENT TIME: Now that you have set the times that you want the timer to switch ON or OFF, you need to set the current time of day by turning the dial CLOCKWISE until the current time of day is set against the arrow-head.

WARNING: This timer cannot be used as a surge protector and should be properly plugged into a polarized receptacle.


    • For use with compatible landscape lighting transformers.


    • Operating Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
    • Output: 15 AMPS, 1800 Watts, 125V~,60Hz
    • Max Setting: 48 ON/OFF per day
    • Number of Outlets: 2
    • Min. Setting time: 15 min.
    • Max. Setting time: 24 hours